Riding to Goodwood was a Triumph.



Bobbing down to Goodwood courtesy of Triumph motorcycles.


Jeremy Webb was invited on a road trip to Goodwood motor circuit, riding the new Bobber Black and Speedmaster by the totally British firm, Triumph.





When you think about iconic motorcycle brands, names like Harley Davison, Ducati, Vespa regularly pop up, coupled with the ever-present 'shoe in' - Triumph motorcycles. The moment I was offered the opportunity to ride a couple of Triumph's models, I jumped at it. In my opinion, the Triumph brand with its extensive heritage and historic cool factor is a perfect fit for the magazine.



There is nothing better than a road trip on a motorcycle, a chance to escape the city. Total freedom with life's worries fading away every mile you ride. Experience wind in your face, the adrenaline rush of opening up the throttle. Biking is a lifestyle and there is no better way to experience it than on a Triumph.


We jumped on the bikes at beautiful Box Hill in Surrey, heading south to explore the stunning countryside of West Sussex.


My first ride was the Bonneville Speedmaster which starts at £11,650.00. It has a 1200cc High Torque engine which was very responsive. When opened up it pushed me along far quicker than I had expected. Always pleasant for bikers.

The engine is liquid cooled with parallel twin configuration and is combined with a very smooth six-speed gearbox. The sound from the engine is amazing and when you are in a convoy of five Triumph bikes, heads turn in every town you pass through.


I found the riding position ideal, with bars at the right height and reach. This allows an upright body, reducing strain on the back, Seating is very comfortable with great depth of padding keeping the posterior from getting numb. The front-facing pegs mean your legs are rested with no strain at the knees.

Classic looks adorn the bike, but it is built with modern technologies throughout, like the headlight with LED but it could be straight from the 1950s.


Other modern enhancements are Ride-by-Wire, for improved throttle control and safety. This being paramount the Speedmaster has the latest ABS and Traction Control aiding the rider.


Back to my journey on the gorgeous bike. After riding down the A24 for a few miles we headed cross country on the A29 which takes you through some lovely scenery and the roads are great for bikers. Twisty combined with some nice wider straight stretches to allow the bike to be opened up to the national speed limit.   

We reached Glorious Goodwood motor circuit after just over an hour of riding, which had been so much fun. You don't have to test bikes round Grand Prix circuits to do a review. Simply ride them as they are designed to be ridden. The Speedmaster is never going to be taken to a track day apart from for the owner to spectate.  The A and B roads of West Sussex are ideal for reviewing a cruiser bike.


We grabbed some lunch at the lovely Aerodrome cafe set inside the circuit. Chatted away about the bikes as all groups of bikers do.


Switching models for the return ride I had the pleasure of putting my leg over the all-new Bonneville Bobber Black. Built around a 1200cc Liquid cooled 8 valve engine, the Bobber has distinctive, mean and aggressive looks. Totally black and beautiful. Prices start at £11650 but many options are available to customise the bike to your own individual requirements and looks.

The low 688mm single seat is very comfortable and provides an upright riding position, which is very relaxed. The bike has an attitude in looks and when riding. Sawn-off twin silencers are super sharp and the handcrafted tank is gorgeous.  For the money, it is a bargain and will sell well.

The classic looks are backed up by modern technology throughout so the rider not only has great engine performance, they have safety built in too. Road and Rain riding modes, switchable traction control, single button cruise control, torque-assist clutch, ABS and an immobiliser all come as standard, and a new fat 16” front wheel helps to create a more aggressive stance without compromising the ride.


The latest addition to the Bonneville Bobber family is fronted with a distinctive new 5-inch full-LED multi-function headlight, which includes Triumph’s signature daytime running light system (DRL*) and maker’s mark triangle branding. The Bonneville Bobber Black also sports all-new more muscular 47mm Showa cartridge front forks, twin 310mm front discs and twin Brembo 2-piston sliding axial calipers. 


Riding back to Box Hill was a joy but sadly all too short and I rode up the zig-zag road after another hour or so of entertainment on the brilliant Bobber. You'll have to wait until I can get one for longer to get the full review of the bike, but briefly, I can tell you I want one.


Thanks to Luke Bowler of Performance Comms and Triumph UK for getting me on the bikes, and to Jason Critchell for the great action photographs.