Road Test of the sporty, Lexus CT 200h F Sport.

Jeremy Webb takes out the self-charging hybrid, from Lexus. Reviewing the Lexus CT200h for He finds it exhilarating to drive and luxurious inside.


Lexus CT200h Hybrid, the luxury hatchback packed full of technology.




This is a high end five door car competing against the Audi A3, BMW 1 series and Mercedes A class. The Mercedes model just being launched in it’s latest generation, as is the CT200h I drove.

I collected the F sport model from Lexus Guildford, after experiencing the Marque’s omotenashi hospitality. This is where anyone entering the dealership is greeted, offered a seat and refreshments. I happened to be collecting the car on Saturday, which happens to be cake day. The very nice lady in reception beckoned me in to a room, where I had the choice of about twelve different cakes.  I very happily chose an apple strudel.

Anyway I must get back to the CT200h which I was keen to test drive.

This is a self charging hybrid, using a 1.8 Litre petrol engine with an electric motor, that charges through electricity generated by the petrol engine going back to the battery. The vehicle also regenerates electricity through braking and releasing the accelerator pedal.


No need for cables, or wall chargers.

The range is never a worry either as you have the petrol engine powering the car when the electric motor is not in use. The car’s mpg is increased as below 28mph and when the car initially pulls away, only the electric motor is in use.

 The car is in EV mode which is indicated by a little green car, in the main display panel. You can also put the car in to EV mode when you want to, in a situation like an indoor car park. When in EV the CT200h is not producing any emissions. Good for you and good for the planet.


Being a Lexus you know the model will be reliable, well made and good to drive. The company knows what it’s customers want and manufactures vehicles to meet their requirements.

The CT only comes with an automatic gearbox but more and more drivers are preferring this as they move away from manuals. It is a good gearbox, smooth and quick to change when you want to push things along.



Lexus have built a model with great lines, full of innovation. The range starts with entry level SE, then Luxury, F Sport and the top end Premier.

Each model is designed with people in mind, driver and passengers. Ergonomic cockpit with clear driving display and entertainment controlled through the excellent centre display. The technology available to the driver is great, as the CT has the Lexus Safety System+.


Passengers are also included in the luxury Lexus experience with entertainment, comfortable seating and the superb Mark Levinson sound system.


The Lexus safety system +, includes pre-collision system, which calculates the risk of collision and gives the driver an audible and visual warning. The pressure to the brake pedal is increased to assist in slowing the car. If collision is unavoidable the brake is applied automatically, front seat belts tightened too.

Pedestrian detection scans for objects or pedestrians in front of the car and if detected activates brakes if the speed is between 6 and 50 mph.

Lane keeping assist monitors the car’s position in the lane and warns the driver if they move position without indicating. If ignored the system briefly corrects steering input.

The system also includes auto high beam and adaptive cruise control, plus Road sign assist. This tells the driver what the speed limit is for the road they are on and if you over the speed limit.


When you need to reverse the centre screen becomes a reversing monitor clearly showing what is behind the car. The driver is also assisted by parking assist, warning beeps sounding if the vehicle comes too close to an object.

As mentioned the CT range comes with a 1.8ltr, 4 cylinder petrol engine, combined to a high output electric motor that power the car to a top speed of 112mph and 0-60mph in 10.3 secs. Hybrid power brings benefits to fuel emissions and consumption.

When in EV mode full electric, the car has no emissions so is clean, a real plus in urban environments. Fuel consumption is zero too as the car is powered from the battery. As your speed increase to 28mph or you put the accelerator down hard the petrol engine kicks in and you have extra power.

Fuel consumption over a variety of journeys comes out at 74.3mpg. Very impressive.

The CT200h is not lacking in performance, engage Sport mode from the knob in the centre console and the car behaves like a hot hatch. Press the accelerator and it squats down and propels you forward at a good rate. Certainly enough to bring a smile to your face and entertain.

Handling matches the performance and front wheel drive will keep you in control, along with good grip from the tyres. You do have the option to disengage traction control, to allow use of your driving skills.

If you want to take things easier, keep the car in Eco mode. Most journey time will usually be spent in Normal mode which gives you as it says, a perfectly acceptable normal drive.

As mentioned you can choose to engage EV mode, which means the car goes in to full electric power when you want, in circumstances like indoor
carparks or tunnels.


The F sport model has different styling to the other three models in the range, with 17” alloy wheels, F sport front design and great rear bumper and spoiler combination.

Seats are also exclusive enabling full enjoyment of the sportier car, which boasts drilled aluminium pedals too.


Speaking of pedals, the hybrid uses regenerative technology to put electricity back in to the battery thus recharging it. Press the brake pedal or lift off the accelerator, kinetic energy is converted to electrical energy and put back in to the battery.  A true self charging hybrid.







If you are looking for a hatchback with a difference, which will give you good performance along with mileage, give yourself a charge and have a drive in the CT200h.



words and photos ©️Jeremy Webb 2018


Lexus Guildford have a CT200h deal available. Follow the link.


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