The Magical MEVO camera captures movement magnificently.

The Magical MEVO camera captures movement magnificently.

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American company MEVO has produced a film camera that can livestream to all the major social media platforms. Jeremy Webb mastered the MEVO during a busy week of filming for Road Test and Review’s website.

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The MEVO camera system arrives in a plush looking box and the packaging is all quality. This immediately gives the buyer confidence in the product and through using it I was not disappointed.

In a world where seconds count and everything has to be done in an instant, MEVO will meet that demand for its users and livestream footage to multiple social media platforms. Getting your message out there has never been so easy. You link the camera to an App on your phone or tablet and when you open the App it powers up the camera, filming right away.

It films in HD with a superb quality 150º all-glass lens and Sony® 4K / 12MP CMOS sensor, If you want to record your footage to an SD card and playback later it captures this content in 4K.


The system is very versatile and allows overlaying of titles on the go, plus editing within the App. Sharing of recorded footage is easy with helpful hints to guide you. I filmed, edited and sent the footage via a connection on my phone all while in the middle of an old airfield. I also did the trendy livestreaming of my antics.


There are options to join Vimeo and enhance your capabilities of the device.

These involve monthly subscription packages.

Mevo is a Vimeo company and is designed in New York, NY.

One camera allows multiple shots with, Multi View function enables easy live-switching. Use manual and auto-trackers to create up to nine custom camera angles. Select any shot with a simple tap.

The camera itself indicates what is happening with colours changing on the top of the unit. The LED light ring displays critical information and acts as a tally light. It glows red when you’re live and lights up on the left, right, or centre so you know who's in the shot.

In a very short time, I was very impressed with this little camera system, that becomes Cameraman, Director, Editor and Producer. So much is on offer that you will be finding new possibilities for a long time, and MEVO aims to improve your experience with software updates over the internet.

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For £450 it is a bargain, enabling you to do away with a lot of equipment and travel lightly. Ideal for me with my work taking me far and wide, often with just a Rucksack. Buy this and you will not be disappointed, just remember to share the results with everyone LIVE.

The newest generation of Mevo:

Stream up to 1080p HD

Record in 4K

1-hour battery life

Stream over Wifi or LTE

External audio via mobile device

Extended Wi-Fi range powered by 802.11ac Wi-Fi chip