Bowled over by the Mercedes Citan Tourer







Taking children anywhere no matter how short a journey can be a trying experience, not with the Mercedes Citan Tourer.


This seven seater provided ample space for a group of young cricket club members, and their kit, travelling to an event hosted by ex-England players.


Smooth on the motorway, easy to handle on the twists and turns of ‘A’ and ‘B’ roads, and with the benefit of being able to use the Bluetooth connection for playing music, there were no mutterings of ‘are we there yet’


The car received a lot of interest from parents, who were surprised that a vehicle of its size could be a seven seater.  As we all know parents are often unpaid ‘taxi drivers’, ferrying children to and fro, and many remarked that this would be an economical way of taking them to an event, as several families could car share. 


Score for this car from the children a ‘century’ and not a ‘duck

Jeremy Webb