Mercedes Citan Tourer

This week I have been driving the Mercedes Citan Tourer. Classed as a van, it is much more than that. The model comes in two sizes, large or extra large.







I am testing the extra large which comes with seven seats and plenty of passnger space.

When all seats are occupied it does lack luggage room, but this can be placed on the floor in front of the passnger, and a lot of overhead storage for the middle row of seats. Just like on a plane, each passenger gets a locker right above them.

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I am really enjoying driving the Citan Tourer, as it handles like a small car and is very agile with good performance. My test car is the 111CDiBlue Efficiency.  The six speed manual gearbox is a delight and in such a good position, right where the drive wants. No fumbling about for the stick.

Smooth changes and an advice system in the cockpit display indicates when you should change up or down for best efficiency.