The Reflect360 from ProViz Sports


The Reflect 360 jacket from Proviz Sports, is a fantastic piece of kit for all types of social, sports and emergency use.

Proviz sports have produced a fabric which is totally reflective when any light source hits it.




The company has quickly expanded it’s range from the plain silvery/ grey Reflect 360, to incorporate many colours from Luminous yellow, through to their latest Regal Purple.



The unique design of the Proviz products mean they appear as one colour in normal conditions, but completely alter when hit by a light source.

You can see this in the picture.






I have been wearing the Reflect 360 in many different situations other than the normal cycling and running, the company markets the jacket towards.

My family have been wearing the 360 too, for safety, warmth and to keep out the downpours when walking the dogs early mornings, and in the earlier darker nights.


On his cycle journey to college, my nephew has taken to wearing the Reflect 360, and it has become a talking point amongst the students.










He has his eye on one of the coloured jackets in the range.











Until then it looks like, I have to compete with him to get to use it.










The jacket is fully waterproof with an inner mesh lining which also keeps you warm but allows sweat to disperse. You can open up breathing vents to allow increased cooling, during exercise.





Two zipped pockets are on the chest, which allow you to secure keys, money and small, items.



For larger bits and bobs, the jacket has a neatly hidden rear pocket. The zip is tucked away behind a flap.


Since the clocks changed and Autumn nights closed in, I have been
wearing the Reflect360 over the top of my motorcycle jacket.




This has gained a lot of attention from people who I have met on film sets and car testing. Not only does it provide the extra visibility for safety, it is a great waterproof and warm outer layer.



As mentioned I wear the jacket when filming car reviews for my
social media sites, and other companies productions.

It is much better than a high viz vest, being warmer, dry and much, much brighter.



Proviz sports have come up with a superb product which is really well made, with quality material and fittings. It offers safety, warmth and waterproofing, all that a wearer wants.
The uniqueness comes when light hits it, and the jacket becomes 100% reflective. This means it has so many uses, from general walking to motorcycle riding.


I totally recommend buying from their range of products, which is
growing quickly. They do gloves, overboots and rucksacks to name a few.


A couple of ideas, I could suggest the company may want to expand in to would be, producing clothing for the Emergency services, and ncorporating the unique material in to skiwear especially ski patrols and ski workers.