Mercedes Citan Tourer

Small in size but large in stature. The Mercedes Citan Tourer is labelled as a small van but after driving it for two weeks I found it much more than just a van and far from small.
I tested the extra large version which comes with seven seats. The middle seat is a split 2/1 bench and the rear are two seperate seats that can be tilted or removed to allow extra load carrying. If all seven seats are occupied then luggage space is limited behind the third row of seats, but passengers can place bags etc by their legs and in between the two furthest seats.


 MIddle row passengers do get a lot of overhead storage above the row of seats. Just like on a plane, each passenger gets a locker right above them.




I am really enjoyed driving the Citan Tourer, as it handled like a small car and was very agile with good performance. 


My test car was the 111CDiBlue Efficiency.  


The six speed manual gearbox is a delight and in such a good position, right where the drive wants. No fumbling about for the stick.

Smooth changes and an advice system in the cockpit display indicates when you should change up or down for best efficiency.


In work use the Citan Tourer proves more than capble as a van, even if classified as a small one. Rear seats completely fold and then remove easily. see the youtube film to see them coming in and out with no effort at all.


The length of load space is huge as middle seats fold forward and tilt. Easily taking ten foot lengths of wood.




Excellent covers come as standard with the Tourer and when both sections are placed at the rear nothing can be seen underneath it. It also comes with a netting cargo cover, guard.


In family mode, the Citan Tourer can be put to any use. Taxi for all the ladies on a night out, who can travel in comfort and safety. A group of cricket players off to a match with all their kit, or a family holiday.



There were a couple of dislikes I found as did the passengers which ranged from 12 yr olds to two 80 year olds. The rear sliding doors are difficult to close when passngers are inside. The handles proved clumsy to try and slam the doors to close.  The driver tends to have to close the doors from outside.



The other small gripes, my passngers complained of no cup holders in the middle or rear seats, which for a seven seater is a surprise. If used for either colleagues or family, people are used to putting there drinks in holders. In the front I also found the cup holders small and awkward to get to. The centre console also needs rethinking as it makes seatbelts difficult to click in to, and it doesn't allow left arm to rest, as at the wrong height.




Apart from these little niggles, I loved driving the car / van as it proved economical with average 47mpg over all driving types. I used motroways and cruised at limit, I used A roads and pushed the Tourer hard to test the handling and performance. It did not disappoint, it was great on b roads too. Suspension is great and handles any bumps, or potholes without disturbing the passengers. The corners are taken well with great secure steering. The vehicle is not slow and gets to 60mph pretty quickly and can stay there all day. You can push it quickly along country roads and have great fun. Not like a standard delivery van or MPV.


Super rear doors split on opening with about 60/40 opening. Left door opens first to allow kit on right side to stay protected and unseen. As mentioned space is limited for luggage or cargo, but I put it to various uses, including buying up half of a garden centre. The tourer took the load easily.



The middle seat folds and tilts allowing extra carrying space when no passengers are present. Even if some rear seated passengers are in then the seats can split 2/1

I love the versatility of the Citan Tourer and would happily have this as a family car.

After all You are driving a Mercedes, what more can you ask?




If you are looking for a small van / people carrier that can take seven passengers with ease, in comfort and safety, then cross over to carry work kit, timber or anything else, then the Mercedes Citan Tourer has to be your option as a great buy.


The option I tested is £20,000 which is a bargain for what you get.


Summing up, the Citan Tourer is great to drive, so versatile, has superb all round vision, excellent driving position, with smooth gearbox and decent engine. Handling and performance are good for the vehicle type and it was very impressive. An allrounder that will suit a family or artisan, and prices from £16+ make it a great purchase for a Mercedes.


Word and Pictures by Jeremy Webb Copyright 2017

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